Mad Designer at work in the dark

Sorry, we're doing some work on the site

Hey, it's Steve from InvestingWithOptions.

As you can tell, the site is stuck behind an "under construction" sign.

Nothing in terms of what you see inside your member's area is changing... it's that we are migrating our backend database.

This includes your login credentials to the site, which won't work right now as our membership software integration isn't working.

The solution is simple, but it will take a bit. We've got to pull all the data from our old CRM, clean it up then "translate" it into the new database. Then we'll run some tests to make sure that things are working.

It should take a few days, with the primary bottleneck being making sure we pull the right info from our database.

It's currently December 10th, when I'm writing this, and will provide an update on Monday, Dec 13th around lunchtime.

Thanks for your patience!

Update 1

I've got off the phone with my old CRM, we're going to get the data exported. Once I do, it will be a quick data clean up and then we move your accounts over to the new software. Once I get the data, it should be a quick turnaround so I'm looking for 36-48 hours.

Will keep you posted!