How to Earn
Consistent Options Income With
No Stress and No Guesswork


Hi, my name is Steve Place, and today I'm going to reveal an income-generating trading method to you…

If you’re an active trader that is tired of the stock picking rat race…

If you desire a better way to earn income that beats “buy and hold” by a mile…

And if you're hunting for a conservative income strategy that simply works…

Then you’re exactly who needs to read this.

By the end of this report, you’ll see how 3 simple “tweaks” to your trading can turbocharge your returns and keep your risk low.

In other words, you'll discover how it's possible to earn $500 to $2,000 on a single trade without staring at screens for 6 hours a day or losing sleep at night.

And to be honest, what I’m about to say is going to piss off a lot of “gurus” out there… but I have to share this with you so you avoid costly mistakes when using this income generating strategy.

Before I reveal these secrets, let’s take a look at the current investing environment we’re dealing with, and how you can avoid becoming…

“A Miserable Investing Loser Who Keeps Chasing Bad Trades And Getting Blown Out”

Now I’m not one of those kinds of people that want to scare you with doom and gloom scenarios about the future and how you should go buy guns and canned food.

I’m an optimist.

Yet, from where we sit right now the current investing landscape looks pretty ugly.

Let’s take a look at some traditional asset classes and how it’s nearly impossible to earn any kind of decent return on your hard-earned cash.

Because we have interventions from central banks, interest rates have been stuck on a floor for years.


The current yield on the 10 year US Treasury sits right around 2.3%.

That means for every 10,000 invested you get back about $230 per year.

That’s 20 bucks a month.

Pretty garbage, isn’t it?

It gets worse.


Right now there’s about 10 Trillion Dollars of negative yielding bonds.

(That’s Trillion with a T. Stupid amounts of debt.)

What does “negative yielding” even mean?

Well, when you invest in it you’re guaranteed a loss. You lose money.

These bonds exist because investors are more scared about deflation than inflation. I guess if you have a Harvard MBA then you can plug this into a spreadsheet model and tell your bosses why it’s a good idea to own this.

But for me, it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Now the problem with these low interest rates is that it is helping to jam the market to new highs.

And if you want to own stocks for their dividends, then you’re outta luck there, too.


The S&P 500 dividend yield sits right around 2%.

For those keeping score, that’s about 16 bucks a month on 10,000 invested.

So if you’re an income-seeking investor, you’re pretty miserable.

And you may start chasing other, more risky asset classes, seeking yield.

Remember the oil shale boom? Remember when everyone started to jam their way into Oil MLPs for better yield?

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. Oil prices dropped 70% and the MLP’s soon followed.

It’s the same rinse and repeat cycle…. too much money gets stuck into a risky asset and the house of cards topple, causing retirement accounts to get blown out and investors stuck with a stock that cut their dividend by 90%.

It may seem like it’s impossible to earn any kind of reliable income in the market. That you’re better off just staying in cash waiting for better rates, or buying now and suffering through any drawdowns.

There is, however, a better way. Introducing…

The Asset Class That No Financial Professional Will Talk About With Returns That Blows “Buy and Hold” Out Of The Water

Hidden in the depths of the Goldman Sachs research department is a report written about this new asset class.

This report said that this asset:

‘Offers significant, passively generated returns…”
“Returns large enough to justify a non-trivial allocation…”
“Outperforms long equities in hostile markets…”

Not a bad deal, right?

This asset is called volatility. It’s what we use in the options market to earn returns that blow past anything you can get with traditional investing techniques.

You’ll never hear about it from a registered stock broker.


Well, it is a bit more risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. And it is a more active strategy. But most importantly, it’s because you can use this asset class on your own.

You don’t need your broker. And that scares them.

I’ll show you the specific strategy to use in just a moment.

But first, here’s the other thing that they don’t want to tell you…

The Undeniable Fact About the Stock Market That Scares The Pants Off Stock Picking Gurus

There’s nothing wrong with buying a stock you believe in. Doing the work on the fundamentals, looking at the price to earnings ratio and sales growth…

Then pulling the trigger and buying a few shares.

Sounds great.

Yet it never seems like individual investors can beat the indexes, much less actually turn a profit.

The dirty little secret that nobody wants to tell you is…

For the most part, markets are efficient. That means price action in a stock is simply random.

Statistical noise.

Still skeptical?

Ready to go down the rabbit hole with me?

Ok here’s the evidence.


This chart shows us the percentage change in the S&P 500 using a one month window.

Now we know that the market has seen some massive bull runs and nasty selloffs. Yet this chart looks pretty… normal.

It’s a bell curve.

If price changes look like a bell curve, it tells us that statistically it’s a crapshoot at what point you buy the market.

Keep in mind…

Market efficiency is about 80% true.

20% of the time, there are some catalysts that will cause a stock or market to trend or drift…

And if you can find those points in time, you’ll have a massive edge…

Which we’ll talk about later...

But for the most part, the price you buy a stock may as well be random.

However, what if there was a way to turn this into your favor?

What if you could use the “noise” of the market to your advantage and get paid cold hard cash on an income generating strategy?

Let’s go ahead and talk about…

The Stupid Simple Trading Strategy That Allows You To Profit From The Noise Of The Market

We’re going to look at an option strategy that will create income and wealth quickly.

However, let’s keep this in mind…

There’s a ton of different trading strategies out there. I’m sure they all work for some people.Yet from working with option trading clients for a decade I know this..

The trade strategy I’m revealing to you today is the simplest to understand, and has the most sustainable edge out of any other trading strategy.

So let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

This trade strategy is known as a credit spread.


Here’s how it works…

When you enter into a credit spread, you’re actually opening two option contracts.

The first option contract you are selling, and the second option contract you are buying.

Now the way this works, is that the value of the first contract is higher than the second. That means the moment you enter into this trade, your broker will place cash into your account… almost like a paycheck for taking risk on in the market.

This creates a setup that keeps your risk low and your odds of success high.

Don't just take our word for's what one of our clients had to say:

I took Steve's advice on a bull put spread... Prior to membership, I would not have made that trade or taken that position. I wouldn't even have conceived of it. In two weeks, I made $1060.00 on that trade alone. 


Trading credit spreads...

  • Can give you potential returns of 10-20% on your cash in as little as a 7 day period.
  • Keeps your risk low. You can enter a trade with as little as $400, which makes this a great strategy for traders who are just getting their feet wet in the options market
  • Guarantees a predictable outcome. No matter what the market throws at you, you'll rest easy knowing that there is a floor to your maximum risk.
  • Doesn't require a ton of time. You don't have to stare at screens for 6 hours a day to get a reliable edge in the markets.

It’s pretty clear that credit spreads offer a way to generate safe and consistent returns in the market…

But I know what you’re thinking.

“Why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Well, there’s two simple answers to this.

The first is that there are a lot of people that try to do it but aren’t successful… I’ll explain why most can’t profitably trade this strategy in a moment.

But let’s talk about the second reason.

How we are...

Profiting From The Options Market By Exploiting the “Lizard Brain” of Ordinary Investors

There’s a really fancy term for the mechanism behind our simple, consistent profits with credit spreads. I’ll tell you the phrase in a second, but allow me to explain it in terms we can all understand.

Despite all the technology we have…

iPhones and Teslas and central air…

And strapping ourselves to a rocket to go walk on the moon…

Well, we’re still a bunch of panicky hairless apes.

There are parts of our brain that still aggressively respond to stress.

And that part of the brain can’t really tell the difference between a sabretooth tiger and a 5 point drop in your favorite stock.

Because of this, investors tend to overprice the risk in the market.

The term for this is “persistent risk premia.”


It’s what allows us to collect our paycheck, month after month, by trading credit spreads.

And until we all go under the knife and cut out that part of our brain, this edge is going to be around for a while. Sounds pretty foolproof, right?

Yet there is a catch. Allow me to tell you about…

How You Will Blow Out Your Account Unless You Follow These Clear Instructions

I’ll be completely honest here…Everything I’ve shown you so far is completely public information.

It’s been out in the open for years.

Yet why do so many people screw it up?

I took a survey of people who were active in credit spread trading to see how their results were... this is what they said:


The vast majority are breakeven, or worse.

It always seems to come down to this story:

“I had some success with credit spreads, but had one bad trade that wiped out all my profits.”

It can be incredibly frustrating… all profits gone from a trade gone bad. Why does this seem to happen more than we think?

I believe that it all comes down to your approach and WHY you think credit spreads make you money.

Ok you ready to learn why?

There are three things that can move the price of an option.

We call them the greeks.

Delta, theta, and vega.

So what do we have?

Delta is your sensitivity to price movement. Theta is your sensitivity to time. Vega is your sensitivity to implied volatility.

Now here’s the thing…

Most option gurus will try and sell you on the “theta” side of this trade.

Where you can sell spreads and as long as it doesn’t move against you big, then you can just let the position “decay” and you’ll have some nice profits.

Or other option gurus will try and tell you about the implied volatility of the options market and how you should hunt for stocks with “fat premium.”

Well guess what…

That’s all wrong.

Let me explain with an example.


This is the risk profile for an AAPL Jan 105/100 put credit spread, with a price of around 0.80.

So you look at this and say “oh, as long as AAPL stays above 105 then I’ll make money.”

Which is a fair bet. But let’s break down the option greeks.

This spread has:

Delta: 10.75
Theta: 0.77
Vega: -4.88

Think about this….

If you’re chasing that theta, you’ll earn about 77 cents per day. That’s not a lot, is it?

And for every 1 percentage point move in IV, you’ll make about 4 bucks.

What about the delta?

AAPL is currently moving about 1.80 per day.

That means just from the daily movement of the stock, your position will vary around 20 bucks. 

Or if you’re doing 10 spreads… that’s $200 of daily position movement per day.

With this particular trade, you’d need to see about three weeks of time decay to compensate for A SINGLE DAY’S delta moves.

So what does this mean?

All those jokers out there who are telling you to chase the theta dragon or to “play the probabilities” aren’t telling you the most important part…


I believe that when you have that one really ugly trade that wipes out all your gains… it’s usually because you’re chasing premium without taking into consideration what the stock will actually do to your position.

Then the stock gets bought out… or has earnings… or some other catalyst that puts you deep underwater on the trade.

Now of course there are some times where a trade will get away from you and there are ways to manage that risk…

Yet you must respect the fact that the underlying stock movement is where you make your money.

Sure, credit spreads are an amazing way to generate consistent income. And yes...they don’t require a lot of time to manage. And credit spreads are absolutely the best way to simple profits in the options market.

But you gotta look at the stock first.

Here’s the cool thing…

What if you could use the natural movement of a stock to your advantage?

So you could get better reward relative to the risk you’re taking?

That’s where our edge lies…

I’ll show you that true edge in a second, but there is one more major pitfall you must avoid if you want to actually grow your account.

Let’s talk about…

Why Juggling Hand Grenades Is Not The Best Use of Your Time And Money

There is one part of the options market that is popular right now.

Weekly options.

And if you are chasing the theta dragon, then it looks like a “sure fire” thing.

Just sell some premium and collect your paycheck in 5 trading days.

Easy peasy, right?

Not so fast.

There’s always going to be a tradeoff here. Because you are selling options on such a short term basis, you don’t have any “wiggle room” in case things go bad.

Sure, you think you can sell credit spreads really far away from price…

But then something changes in the market. A new catalyst… out of thin air.

Then that one loss takes out the profits from your past 10 trades.

The risks simply aren’t justified for selling weekly options.

After all, we already know that the majority of your profit can come from stock price movement…

So why not sell options further out in time that have a little more “wiggle room?”

In fact, you could just use the natural movement in the stock to get in and out quickly, and you’d profit in the same amount of time as you would with weekly options, but without the massive risk.

And since we’re talking about that, let’s move on to…

The Massive Edge For Credit Spread Traders That Will Put Your Performance at the Top 1%

This is the secret sauce. This is the “edge”that allows you to be consistently profitable in a shorter amount of time.

And how you can remove all the guesswork out of your trading.

You ready to see what it is?

I’ll show you in just a moment, but first I want to tell you how I came about this revelation.

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?

Basically… Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

We see that a lot in the markets, too.

You do all the research on a stock, look at the fundamentals, technicals, sentiment readings, tea leaves. You may have even thrown some chicken bones around to get a feel for the stock. And you line up, press the buy button…

What happens next?

It all falls apart.

And the reality is…

It didn’t really fall apart, you probably just had too much size on and went “all in” at the same time.

I’ve been there…. Especially with my credit spread trades.

I would go in full size and hope for the best. Yet many times the stock would go against me…

Sure most of the time it would come back and the premium decay would *eventually* help…

But it would lead to sleepless nights and plenty of heartburn.

Eventually, I started to tweak my executions… this is where the edge comes into play.

Because, well… here’s the thing.

You can give 100 people a tip to buy a stock, but are they all going to have the same outcome?

Nope. Some people screw up on the orders, some put on too much size and stop out early, and so on.

What I’ve found, especially with newer option traders, is that often a trade is viewed as an “all or nothing” proposition.

But if you put a little nuance into your execution you’ll have a much smoother ride.

To massively boost your edge with credit spreads, you need to do two things:

  1. Don’t go full size when you start a trade, and
  2. Don’t hold to expiration.

In other words…

Scale in, scale out.

Here’s my secret sauce. The execution of the trade idea is where I find my edge.

When I find a new credit spread trade, I scale in using a 3-tier system. Because odds are the natural volatility of the stock is going to get me better prices.

Of course I make sure that I’m in the best risk/reward situations…

Yet I know how Murphy’s Law works in the market and I use it to my advantage.

Oh and here’s the other thing… I rarely, if ever, hold a credit spread to options expiration.

Think about it…

What’s the goal of financial speculation?

It’s to earn the most money AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

So if I can capture 50% to 70% of the credit…

Do I really want to wait another 30 days to get that extra bit?

Of course not. A lot can happen in 30 days. In fact, it’s easier to scale in, scale out, and re-enter. Just using the natural volatility of the stock. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Well, there’s one more thing I want to show you…

What “The Great One” Can Teach Us About Creating Safe, Sustainable Income

I’m pulling back the curtain just a little further.

To show you one more edge you can use in your trading.

This simple tweak will create more freedom than you could ever imagine.

Instead of sitting in front of a computer 6 hours a day… poring over stocks and hoping for the next big thing to hit you like an inspirational sledgehammer…

You do all your work in just a 15 minute period during the day.

And then walk away.

Go work on your career, spend time with the family, enjoy your retirement with a quick round on the back 9.

Knowing it’s all taken care of.

To figure out how it works, let’s consider the opposite scenario.

You’re stuck in front of a trading screen all day, trading 20 different stocks all at once because you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO make money today.

How do you think that would work out?

Odds are, your brokerage account will be drained in a very short amount of time.

Remember earlier we talked about how 80% of the movement in a stock is just statistical noise? What about that extra 20%?

Your goal is to identify areas in a stock where we should expect those turning points.

Sounds pretty standard right? Everyone knows that.

But to see where you can affect massive change, let’s head over to the hockey rink.

The NHL all time goal scorer is Wayne Gretsky.

Most people know that Gretsky leads in goals, but did you know he also leads in assists? Far and away the best hockey player of all time. How did he get so successful? Here’s what he said...

“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

This holds true in the markets, too. Most traders think about the stock market and where prices are…

And so many force their way into trades they shouldn’t be in.

It’s reactive trading at its worst.

Instead, what if you could anticipate where a stock was going to turn… and then place your credit spread order at that level?

By using limit orders, you can price your credit spreads to get the best risk/reward in a trade.

Place the trades and walk away.

Instead of being reactive and feeling like you’re forcing your way into the market, you can be Proactive and let the trades come to you.

How great would that be? Where you could plan your trades, enter your orders, and step away for the rest of the day? Knowing that your entries and exits are automated.

Now combine this kind of entry style with scaling in and scaling out…

And you’ve got a foolproof recipe for success.

Your Framework For Reliable Profits

To be successful trading credit spreads, you must make sure that no matter what stock you are trading, that you are consistent with the options you choose.

It may seem like there’s black magic involved in picking the best options, but it all comes down to one simple trick you can use time and time again.

The options market is basically one big odds-maker. And we can look at how options are priced to see what the market is expecting in terms of price movement of the stock.

For example, if the market thinks a stock is super risky, then the prices of options will be higher.

We can use that to our favor… with a simple little shortcut.

Go back to the option greeks. The one we want to focus on is delta.

If an option has a delta of 30… then for every $1 the stock moves, the price of the option will move 30 bucks.

The cool thing is… the delta is also directly related to the odds that the market is pricing in.

So for example, a 50 delta option has about a 50% chance to expire “in the money” by options expiration. To be consistent across all asset classes… all you need to do is select the same delta every time.

For me, I like to start with a credit spread where the short option has a delta of 20.

Now here’s the thing… and pay attention because this is important.

Nobody said the options market is right.

When you sell a 20 delta option, you are given an 80% success rate assuming the stock behaves itself.

So if the stock drastically moves against you, then the “odds” you used on your spread start to go up big, too.

The opposite can happen too… if you time the stock right and it goes quickly in your favor, you can hit your profit target in 3 to 5 days.

Not bad, right?

That’s why it is so important to pick the best spots in a stock, scale in, and scale out.

Here are some other things that you must know if you want to be consistently profitable:

  • Is there enough options liquidity?
  • Where are you going to manage your risk on the trade?
  • How much of the pricing is related to earnings?
  • Am I getting long the stock at the best level?
  • Am I getting short the stock at the best level?
  • How can I place my orders so they get filled without me being there?

It may seem like there’s a lot going on… but to be honest it becomes almost second nature…

You end up trading the same stocks over and over.

No need to try and find a “hidden gem” in the market because you can earn safer returns focusing on the same markets.

With that in mind let’s talk about...

The Next Step For Building Your Wealth Through Credit Spreads

Selling credit spreads is the best option strategy for new option traders.

There’s plenty of returns available, and by putting the odds in your favor, you end up with a low risk, high odds situation.

Sure, you won’t get the “gambler’s high” like you would with other strategies…

You have to make a choice… if you want to chase the next hot stock, you’re probably better off going to Vegas for a weekend to blow off steam.

Yet if you desire the ability to earn 10% on your risk with potentially an 80% rate of success…

Then this is the best way to get started.

Now over the past 9 years, I’ve dedicated myself to building option success systems for myself and my clients.

And you may be asking…

“If this is such a good strategy, why don’t you go out and just trade them for yourself?”

And that’s a fair question to have.

I’ve considered completely closing up shop and starting a hedge fund. I’ve had offers from high net worth individuals to trade their capital for them. Yet, in exchange for that offer I would lose a lot of freedom. I’d have to deal with clients and lawyers and compliance.

On top of all that…

Well, this strategy isn’t great for a hedge fund. You run into liquidity issues.

For me it’s easier to help folks like you get a leg up in the market to grow your portfolio.

The other reason I share my trade ideas…

There’s a lot of snake oil out on the internet. And there’s a lot of bad ideas. Where you get sold the sizzle without the steak.

Or worse.

I’ve personally seen people get wiped out from blindly selling weekly options, chasing that theta dragon, with no respect for what the market can actually do.

All it takes is one bad week to wipe out months of gains.

I’m passionate about helping you find the best risk/reward in the market, and I love hearing from clients who get results like this:

An achievable goal since we're new options traders was to make an extra $1000 a week, and now we're making $4000 - $5000 a month on average.


Now I know there are two people in the world.

There are those that focus on results, and if they get results then they keep going after what is working.

And then there are the cynics. Who view the world from… well, whatever the opposite of rose-colored glasses are.

I’d rather work with those people who see the abundance in the world and see how we can work together to expand wealth and portfolios.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better?

Of course, there are no guarantees that any trading system will personally work for you. And that’s fine.

Yet, I’d like you to come work with me for a short time… start with small size or papertrade to see how they work.

And if you are a results-driven individual, I’m confident that you’ll work with me in making you into a great options trader.


Now I’m a “teach you how to fish” kinda guy.

Yet I know it’s hard to learn something when you’re hungry.

So we’ll go after the fish, too.

That means…

NO guesswork…

NO scanners with 30 different stocks at a time…

NO need to stare at screens for 6 hours a day…

With that in mind I’d like to introduce you to:

The Way To Generate Sustainable Wealth Building In the Markets

With my service Proactive Spreads, you’ll have all your credit spread setups done-for-you.

Here’s what happens behind the scenes…

Each day, I run my proprietary scanners and go through my “MVP” stock list to see how the market is trading. I will also identify the best risk/reward points in those stocks.

When a stock or index starts to approach a key trading level, I’ll add it to your personal watchlist.

Every Monday and Thursday, you’ll get the Proactive Spreads newsletter that tells you…

  • How the market is moving and potential catalysts for the next few days
  • What stocks we are watching
  • What setup and price level we are looking for in the stock
  • What credit spread we want to place orders for, and
  • The “Scale in/Scale out” price that you can place your limit orders

So what you can do is open up the newsletter....

Pick the setups you like…

And then go into your brokerage platform and place the orders. It takes just 15 minutes.

You can then go on with your day, confident that you’ll get the best entry prices on your trade.

Proactive Spreads is the best credit spread methodology you can use on the market today.

Now here’s the thing…

Our service is based on the Proactive methodology. That means we anticipate where price is headed. It also means that sometimes, the price of a stock will not move to the level we need to enter the trade.

And that’s OK.

If you are able to get filled on every single trade idea you have, it means you’re not getting the best prices.

It’s like going onto eBay and hitting the “Buy it Now” button at a much higher price than what the auction price could give you.

Yet if you’re looking for a system that can provide simple cash flow profits from the options market, then you need to get started today.

Before I show you how to get started, let’s go back to the “teaching you how to fish” concept and…

The Training You Need So If I Roll Over and Croak You Won’t Be Left In the Dark

I’m not a huge fan of “black-box” trading systems.

Meaning, if you can’t open up the hood and show me how the engine runs, then I’m not going to buy the car.

With Proactive Spreads, we are building out the best training on credit spreads available in the market.

That means you’ll get…

Case Studies - each trade we cover will have a followup post that discusses how the trade played out after the alert. You’ll soon find the pitfalls you need to avoid, and how we use specific technical indicators to give us an edge.

“Boots on the Ground” Training - we are creating a Credit Spread Tactics section that covers some of the more nitty-gritty parts of trading that you only discover from real-world trading

Answers to Your Questions - Anything you need to ask... I’ll be personally available to answer an email. If the question is asked by enough people, then we’ll add it into our training modules.

By doing this, I”ll be able to give you a valuable asset that you can come back to, time and time again.

And if, for some reason my hobby of juggling chainsaws while fighting grizzly bears brings me to an untimely demise, you’ll still be prepared to keep profitably trading because you’ve achieved mastery in credit spread trading.

Sound Good?


Now Is Your Time To Take Action And Start Building Wealth With Credit Spreads

Proactive Spreads is the simplest way to grow your portfolio and take control of your financial future.

And once you get the hang of it… it can be pretty dang fun, too.

Now while I have been sending trade alerts to clients for over 8 years now…This is still a new service.

And I want to get you in on the ground floor, with as much value as possible.

That’s why I’m offering the introductory pricing of only $79 per month.

No contracts, no price increases, no gimmicks.

Now if for any reason you don’t think this is on the same level as sliced bread…

Then let me know and I’ll cancel your subscription, no problem.

Yet I believe with the profitable trade setups that are going to head into your inbox, you’ll clearly see how it’s possible to earn at least 10x the cost of the subscription in a single month.

But you have to act fast because…

You’ll Join Only a Select Few Clients At This Value

As word goes around about this service, it’s going to be hard to keep the markets “clean.”

Because at some point, it will be difficult for everyone to get filled at a good price. This isn’t like the stock or futures market where there’s plenty to go around.

At some point liquidity risk becomes very real and we’ll need to close membership to new users or raise the price to reduce volume.

That’s why you need to act now to get in as a new member of Proactive Spreads.

All you need to do to get started is click the button below and enter your billing information.

From there you’ll get access to our secure members portal and will start receiving email alerts that will prepare you for the trading week.

Sound good?

So you need to go ahead and order now and secure your spot so you can…

Discover the Best Way to Beat The Market In The Simplest, Safest Way Possible

By now you see that the advantages to credit spreads are plain as day.

A way to generate consistent income in the market as quickly as possible.

Keeping your risk low, and sparing your hard-earned cash from any market meltdowns.

You’ll be able to combine the generous odds the options market gives you with sound stock timing strategies to magnify the success you can have.

You’ll get foolproof instructions on how to Proactively anticipate where price will be and how to manage the trade once you get in it.

And the beauty of it all is…You don’t have to be an option expert.

(But you will become one with my training and guidance.)

Simply follow along with the trades, and you'll create a new source of income in the options market that puts you on the fast track to financial freedom.

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