Finally! A Way To Enhance Your Income Trading Profits By $1,200 Per Trade Without Doubling Down On Your Risk

From the Trading Desk of Steven Place
On The Gulf Coast of Florida

Dear Fellow Investor,

Over the past decade, I've been trading a set of option strategies known as Income Trading.

Income Trading allows you to earn massive profits without needing to pick stocks or time the market.

Yet, I faced a problem.

I'll explain that problem in just a moment, but first I'd like to share with you this chart:

These are the returns that we've generated for our income trading service, IncomeLab.

Account portfolio doubled in two and a half years.

Now that may impress you, but what if I told you this?

These returns were earned by using just two strategies on one asset.

Could you imagine that?
Not having to find a new stock to buy every week to earn your paycheck?
Only needing a small block of time to execute your trades?
Getting steady, consistent income that grows quickly over a short amount of time?

Sure would be nice, wouldn't it?

Yet, for all this success, my trading partner and I were hitting a roadblock.

We wanted to scale up and diversify our strategies. But we were getting nowhere.

The Frustrating Problem We Were Facing To Take Our Trading To The Next Level

See, if you want to add a new strategy, you need to enhance your returns while keeping risk low.

And the problem with income trades is that they all have very similar risk patterns.

What that means is, if you try and add a new strategy or put on a few new trades, they basically end up being the same kind of trade with more size.

Too much risk.

My trade partner, Igor, saw this problem and went to the drawing board.

We needed to find an income trade that would give us:

  1. Very little initial risk, in case the market started to move fast.
  2. Had better profits on an upside move.
  3. A fast holding period of about 30 calendar days.

Basically, it came down to one question...

How can we massively increase our returns without taking on a lot more risk?

Introducing a Simple Trading Strategy That Gives You Enhanced Income Profits

With a lot of work and a little creativity, we created the Enhanced Income Profits trade strategy.

This simple trading plan allows you to earn between $400 - $1,200 per spread while keeping risk extremely low.

It is the one strategy that enhances our other income trades, without piling on the risk.

Here's some of the other things the EIP can do.

  • A Simple Scaling Protocol
    No need to stress where the market is headed... as the market moves, you simply add or remove part of the position.
  • 30 Day Trade Window
    While other investors face the prospect of being "stuck" in a stock until it moves, the EIP has a trade window of about a month.
    This means you can pull returns out quickly and bring your capital safely back into your trading account.
  • No Upside Risk
    Unlike other income trades, the EIP doesn't have risk on the upside. In fact, you'll be hoping for that extra pop in the markets to get faster gains.

Everything looked great. The trade made sense, and we started allocating capital towards it.

...But, there was one final step.

See, a trade strategy doesn't work for us if we can't explain it to our clients.

What we did was have a month of live classes where we explained the strategy, put on new trades, and tracked those trades over the course of the month.

Normally, when we introduce a new strategy, it's super stressful as we track the trade.

However-- and this surprised us--

Trading the EIP live was simple. Downright boring.

And you know what?

Boring is good. Boring is profitable.

We finished our live classes with these results:

EIP #1: +$1,200
EIP #2: +$1,072 (Still Open)

We're looking at gains of over $2,000 with very little risk!

How Would You Like To Own a Stress-Free Income Generator?

Here's the thing...

If you are frustrated with the results you're seeing in the market...
If you are hoping for a simple strategy that gives you a profitable edge...
If you want a trading system that is as close to stress fee as you can get...

Then you can't afford to miss what I'm about to offer you.

We've taken all our EIP Training... all the live classes and strategy sessions...

And compiled it into one easy-to-follow home study course.

The EIP Strategy gives you a simple framework to earn $400 - $1,200 per spread in a 30 day timeframe.

Could you imagine putting one of those on every month?

What if you scaled up the trade to 5 spreads?

That means its possible to earn potentially $72,000 on just one simple, low-risk trade.

The upside is clear.

And with your new EIP Home Study Course, you can seize this advantage today to produce simple, low-risk income.

We've got a special offer for you that expires soon, but first I'd like to share with you some of the bonuses that come with the EIP Home Study Course.

You'll Get Everything You Need to Master this Profit Generating Strategy, Including...

  • Bonus #1: EIP Quick Start Strategy Guide
    If you can't put a trading strategy on a single sheet of paper, it's going to be tough to trade.
    We've consolidated the entire trade system down to a quick start guide so you can have a reference when putting on this trade.
  • Bonus #2: Tracking Other Trades
    During our live strategy sessions, we not only covered the EIP but other trading strategies we follow. All of these trades ended up profitable, with a total profit of $3,115. (Some Trades Are Still Open)
  • Bonus #3: KISS Condor Strategy
    We want to quickly pull profits out of the market, but weekly options are too risky.
    After some quick testing, we discovered the KISS Condor, an income trade with a 14-day holding period. This bonus strategy allows you to quickly profit over a 2 week time frame.

I'll reveal the price for the EIP Home Study Course in just a moment, but first let's talk about your upside with this strategy.

We know that the opportunities in the market are getting smaller, and trades are getting more crowded.

Yet there is a very profitable set of strategies called Income Trades that can earn you aggressive and sustainable wealth in the options market.

The EIP Strategy can earn you potentially $1,200 on a single trade.

And it can scale.

So, it's clear to see how I could easily charge $1,200 or more for this course.

After all, one good trade can easily cover the cost of the course.

Yet today, you can have full, lifetime access to the EIP Home Study Course for just one single payment of $299.

Why would I price it this low?


Once you learn the EIP Strategy, you'll want to see even more trade strategies we offer.

And you'll see how our trading group, IncomeLab, would be a massive benefit for you.

We'd like you to become a long-term client, so we can help you generate massive long-term results for your trading accounts.

Yet, I'd like to sweeten the offer even more.

(And yes, there is a catch...)

Your Opportunity to Get In on The Ground Floor With This Powerful New Strategy

Because this is a brand new strategy, the way we teach it is going to be a little rough around the edges.

And although the strategy works very well, being able to teach it to our clients can be a little more difficult.

So consider this the 1.0 version of the EIP Home Study Course. And as we gather feedback and get things more clear for our clients, then we'll upgrade it to a 2.0 course.

By investing in the course now, you get in on the "ground floor" of a training that you'll have lifetime access to.

And you also get "ground floor" pricing.

Instead of paying the full price of $299, we have an introductory offer for only $149.

An amazing value, just for you, for a limited time.

Now there is a catch...

You will need to put a little work in. Once you become an owner of the EIP, we'll be getting in touch with you to get your feedback so we can improve the Home Study Course.


Invest In Yourself Today To Learn A New Income Trading Strategy That Will Enhance Returns Without Stacking Your Risk

So here's what's going to happen next. You'll click the "Add to Cart" button, where you'll be taken to a secure order form.

Enter your billing information on that page, and once you submit the form, you'll be sent to a thank you page. During that time, our servers will create a secure login and password for you to access the course.

(And if you're already an IWO Client, it will be the same username and password.)

Once we generate that password, you'll receive an email alert with the link to the course and the login credentials you'll need to use.

From there you can email us directly to get further guidance on the course. And in a little while, we'll ask for your direct feedback about how we teach the strategy so we can improve the course to a 2.0 level.

(And yes, since you have lifetime access to the course, all the course upgrades are free for you.)

Income trading is a way for ordinary folks like you and me to earn aggressive wealth in the markets. It's not time intensive and you don't have to fall into the "stock picking rat race."

The EIP Home Study Course will give you a strategy you can use to diversify your income trading, earning $400 - $1,200 per trade in a 30 day window.

Act now, get the course, and start implementing the strategy today.

Add to Cart - One Payment of $149

Our Personal Guarantee to You...

As with all products at IWO, you have a full 60 days to try it out, on us.

Learn the system, run some backtests, put on a few papertrades. And talk with us directly as you step through this profitable trading system.

If at any point within that 60 day trial you don't think the EIP Home Study Course is right for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your money. We're confident that you'll pick up the strategy quickly and will become a long term client of IWO.


Now there are two kinds of people that read about option strategies like this.

The first is the "tire kicker." You're looking around, maybe you haven't had a lot of success in the markets but you don't really want to take the next step in investing in yourself.

Or maybe you think this is an interesting idea but you don't believe in yourself enough to pull the trigger and learn a new system.

If that's you, that's OK... but you're not ready to become a client of IWO. Having a "scarcity mindset" is incredibly dangerous when you're playing the markets.

Simply put, if you don't have the motivation to take action now, then you probably won't put in the work to make yourself a great options trader.

The clients we want at IWO are those with an "abundance mindset."

You read about the strategy, see the results, and are ready to take massive action. You pick up the EIP Home Study Course, learn the material, and put it to work right away. Your work ethic and positive attitude help to grow your accounts faster than you thought possible.

So I want to ask you one question...

What kind of person do you want to be?

Now I have a feeling that the first group already left, and couldn't be bothered in learning why we created the EIP to begin with.

So I have it on good authority that you're in the second group and ready to take massive action for your financial future.

Click the button below, fill out the order form, and we'll get back to you shortly with your brand new EIP Home Study Course.

Add to Cart - One Payment of $149

I look forward to see you on the other side!

Happy Trading,
Steve Place

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