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    Join our community of traders making money with option trading strategies. No matter what your experience level, you will learn something new on our Trade Floor that will give you an edge.

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    Be prepared for the day ahead with a detailed video showing you what's going on in the market and how to trade it. These videos take the guesswork over what stocks to play and how to trade them with options.

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    Learn everything you need to know about options trading with our extensive video library. Not only will you be trading with IWO Premium, but you also receive a world-class education.

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"I Was Struggling Badly..."

I was struggling BADLY. I was primarily buying OTM calls and puts and hoping for a move, not understanding the Greeks at all.

Drained my trading account by 35% in one year, despite the market making new highs.

I am learning quickly that there is more to Options Trading than guessing a direction.

I've gained a much better sense of the Greeks and the Trading Floor is VERY valuable, even helping me through what I consider to be "stupid questions."

I took Steve's advice on a bull put spread... one he published in the Trader Floor.

Prior to membership, I would not have made that trade or taken that position. I wouldn't even have conceived of it.

In two weeks, I made $1060.00 on that trade alone-- Over a year's membership paid for in one trade.!

My account has grown slowly, but then again I'm a brand new member.

At least the bloodshed has stopped.

I'm VERY confident that IWO will continue to improve my game.

- Molson, Austin, TX

The IWO Trading Method


At InvestingWithOptions, we trade two kinds of option strategies:

Swing Trades, and Income Trades.

Swing Trades are directional bets on a stock. We're looking for a stock to move either up or down and to profit from that move.

Income Trades are more of a system that allows you to profit wherever the market is headed.

Swing Trade Example

Bought the NKE Jun 100 Calls at 2.52

Sold Half at 4.50

Sold Rest at 6.50

Average Return: 118%

Income Trade Example

Bought RUT 1190/1240/1290 Put Butterfly at 9.9

Bought IWM 128 Call at 5.75

Close All at 19.50

Total Return: 25%

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"I Learned To Trade My Own Plan Based Off Of Steve's Teachings" - Rick, MN

Become a Member for Only $99 Per MonthNo Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Read About Guy's Story:

I just never really understood options.

I'd buy calls and puts, based off other sites's recommendations, but could never match their "claimed" results. There was no unified logic for managing trades, much less a portfolio.

As a result, I had little confidence in what I was doing and little sustainable success.

Steve and IWO helped me understand options trading -- which strategies make sense and when.

Every trade he takes and recommends is well supported and explained in detail.

I really like that he explains them in TOS using the Analyze tab, so you can really "see" the trade. I like that he makes the right trades for the right conditions, using directional and non-directional ideas.

Trades make sense now, and I feel like I can manage a portfolio of options.

I am up about 25% in 5 months with a six figure account.

Each month has been consistently profitable.

I no longer experience large, unexpected drawdowns from misguided trades.

Most importantly, I sleep better at night and am a happier person -- and I no longer wake up at 4:00am worried about the S&P futures.

All that from IWO. It's a bargain at twice the price!

- Guy N., Chicago, IL

"His Sincere Goal Is To Make You A Good Trader"
- Dave, Oakland

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Being an IWO Premium subscriber benefited me because I finished the year up $5,000.

Paying a premium to learn, watch and trade live with IWO gave me the confidence that I needed.

Without IWO's help I probably would have been too fearful to trade options.

Thank you IWO and Steven.

- Matt, Chico, CA

Before IWO, I had no real concept of how to trade options.

Then I purchased one of Steve's books and decided to try IWO.

I went from being a constant loser because to making a profit (though still small) almost every month.

My trading has gone from absolutely no knowledge to having a decent understanding of how to trade options. I have been with IWO for 14 months.

- Charlie, Leesburg, FL
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