How "Catch and Cook" Fishing Gives You An Amazing Opportunity...

How To Learn While You Earn And Become
An Income Trader For Life

I’d like to introduce you to the Income Trader For Life Program, but first I want to tell you about where I’m from.

I live in paradise.

It’s not an exaggeration. Options trading has afforded me the lifestyle to live anywhere in the world, and I chose to make my home on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

We’ve got the most beautiful beaches in the country, amazing weather, and the best school system in the state.

And the seafood. It’s amazing.

When you drive into Destin, there’s a billboard greeting you that says “Welcome to the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.”

That's true too-- and I can prove it.

I’m not very good at fishing. I cast my line and all of a sudden the fish are pickier than a 4 year old at dinner.

There’s only one way I’ll ever fish now-- take a full day charter out of Destin Harbor.

You get access to the right equipment and expertise when you join a charter expedition.

Let me tell you how it goes down...

Early in the morning, when the water is calm and clear, you head out of the harbor. You work with a team to catch your bait fish, then they turn out to the Gulf of Mexico to their favorite fishing spots.

The captain uses sophisticated sonar technology to find the best odds of catching a line.

Then they show you how to bait your line and cast it to attract only the largest, hungriest fish.

You then learn how to set your hook and the best way to reel them in without the line breaking.

You’ll get some bites. Sometimes the fish get off the line… other times you get to reel in a massive red snapper or amberjack.

Turns out, all the luck that you find in Destin is from having a captain and crew that know prime locations and the best techniques to get you results.

In the afternoon, the captain idles back into the harbor and expertly backs in the boat.

The crew then pulls out your fish and clean them for you.

That’s not the best part…

You can take your catch to one of the restaurants that sit on the harbor, and they’ll cook it for you.

You’re left with the most fresh, flavorful seafood you’ve ever tasted.

There’s something special about knowing that the meal on the table in front of you was caught by your hands on the same day.

On the most recent day trip out in the Gulf, I decided I could create a “catch and cook” package for my option trading clients.

I’ve put together an amazing opportunity for you so you can “learn while you earn,” You’ll receive my flagship courses along with my option trading service.

When you're a client of mine, it's like taking a charter boat out.

I'll tell you the best stocks to trade, the best strategies to choose, and help you reel in the "big fish."

And I'll also tell you how to do it on your own.

I don't just want to teach you to fish... I want to help you catch and cook so you can truly earn exceptional returns.

I decided to offer LIFETIME ACCESS to my trade setups-- along with my FLAGSHIP COURSES for ONE LOW INVESTMENT... I Call It Income Trader For Life

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Here's Exactly What You're Getting...

Lifetime Membership to IncomeLab

Regular Price: $3564

  • Live Trade Setups Sent Directly To Your Inbox
  • Each Trade Setup Comes With Video Instruction So You Can Learn While You Earn
  • Exclusive Live Classes And "Office Hours" With The Head Trader
  • Video Market Updates So You'll Be Fully Prepared For The Market

The Iron Condor Intensive

Regular Price: $750

  • The Distinct Edge You Get With Iron Condors
  • The Main Risks and Rewards in Iron Condor Trading
  • The Best Trade Environments for Iron Condors
  • The "Bread and Butter" Trade Setup
  • How To Trade Like A Market Maker
  • Why You Need to Proactively Adjust Your Trades
  • The Easiest Way To Roll A Trade
  • Complex Hedging Strategies
  • Live Case Studies
  • ... and much more!



1.1 - Iron Condor Construction

1.2 - Why Trade Iron Condors

1.3 - Iron Condor Greeks

1.4 - Trade Environments

1.5 - Asset Selection

1.6 - Bread and Butter Trade

1.7 - Advanced Order Entry

1.8 - Adjusting Tradeoffs

1.9 - Iron Condor Rolling

1.10 - Delta Hedging

1.11 - Gamma Hedging


4 Walkthrough Webinars - 1 Hour Each


3.1 - RRP Training

3.2 - Lifecycle Training

3.3 - RRP Watchlist

The Income Calendar Intensive

Regular Price: $750

  • How To Profitably Build Out Calendar Spreads
  • The Mechanics Behind How Calendars Earn Profits
  • Why We Choose Calendars Over Other Spreads
  • Pick The Right Stocks and Markets
  • How To Get The Best Fills On The Market
  • The Scaling Calendar Setup to Use On Stocks
  • How To Trade Calendars On Weekly Options
  • The 30-60 Calendar Setup
  • ... and much more!



1.1 - Spread Construction

1.2 - How Calendars Make Money

1.3 - Calendar Spread Greeks

1.4 - Tradeoffs Between Other Spreads


2.1 - Stock Selection

2.2 - Setting Up The Stock Screener

2.3 - Indexes and Term Structure


3.1 - 30/60 Income Calendars

3.2 - 30/60 Trade Examples

3.3 - Scaling Calendars On Stocks

3.4 - Examples of Scaling Calendars

3.5 - Weekly Calendars


4.1 - Calls vs Puts and Assignment

4.2 - Hedging

4.3 - Hedging Examples

4.4 - "Milking" A Trade

4.4.1 - Milking Example

4.5 - Trade Fills

4.5.1 - Trade Fill Examples

4.6 - Adding A Trade Bias

Credit Spread Mastery

Regular Price: $799

  • How To Profitably Build Out Credit Spreads
  • Compare Credit Spreads Against Other Strategies
  • The Main Risk With Credit Spreads (It's Not What You Think)
  • The Best Kind Of Credit Spread To Trade
  • The CSM Trading Framework
  • Pick The Right Stocks
  • The 5 Best Technical Setups To Trade
  • Portfolio Allocation Strategies
  • How To Trade This Part Time
  • ... and much more!



1.1 - Introduction

1.2 - Creating The Spreads

1.3 - Credit Spread Construction

1.4 - Comparing Strategies

1.5 - Risk and Reward

1.6 - Option Greeks

1.7 - Psychological Barriers

1.8 - Choosing The Right Spreads

1.9 - CSM Scaling Framework

1.10 - Creating Orders


2.1 - Choosing the Right Stocks

2.2 - Trade Assumptions

2.3 - Trade Tools

2.4 - PB2MA

2.5 - PB2BO

2.6 - Parabolics

2.7 - RR Fades

2.8 - Vol Pivot Fades

2.9 - Trade Adjustments

2.10 - Advanced Considerations

2.11 - Part Time Traders

2.12 - Assignment

2.13 - Portfolio Allocation


37 Individual Case Studies

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  • Incomelab ($3564)
  • Iron Condor Intensive ($750)
  • Income Calendar Intensive ($750)
  • Credit Spread Mastery ($799)

As you can see, if you were to buy each on its own, it would be more than $5,863.

Which is still a great deal-- the value you get out of all of this is easily 10x your investment.

Yet for today only, when you decide to take advantage of this crazy offer, you only pay $1,297.

That's right...

Lifetime access to all my trade setups AND access to all my Flagship Courses, for just one low price of $1,297.

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Steven Place
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