How To Profit From Income Trading in a Low Volatility Environment

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The best way to make consistent and aggressive profits trading options with the least amount of risk is through income trading.

Income trading...

  • allows you to profit in any market condition.
  • reduces the need to sit in front of your trading screen for 6 hours a day.
  • pays you for taking on risk, and that risk is often overpriced.
  • is not a crowded trade because institutions can’t put these trades on in size.

The way you make money with income trading is to be a net seller of options. You take on the risk of a large movement in the market or individual stock, and in return you are given a premium.

As time goes on, the risk of a large move continues to drop, while you keep the premium. When you decide to close the trade, you can "buy it back" for a lower price you paid, allowing you to profit from the trade.

But here is the problem...

... to get the best reward with the lowest risk, you need to be able to sell high premium. For this to happen, you need to have option buyers on the other side of the trade willing to reduce their risk.

But in times of complacency, there is very little premium to sell.

And in this bull market we're in, complacency is everywhere.

So what is there left to do?

You can either…

  • avoid income trading altogether and look for other places to find returns,
  • take on too much risk relative to the premium you get and risk getting blown out, or...
  • keep reading so I can show you a solution to the problem.

How You Can Work Around the Problem of Low Premiums

There is a subset of income trading called calendar spreads.

Calendar spreads are where you sell an option in the near term, and buy an option further out in time.

These spreads are different from other income trades because it performs better if implied volatility increases.

Because you bought a longer dated option that has a higher value than your short option, if the implied volatility rises, the option you are long will gain more value relative to your short option.

This means that even in a low volatility environment, it's possible to pull returns out of the market with income trading while being moderately protected.

Is that it?

All we have to do is switch to calendars and all the profits will start flowing, right?

Not so fast.

The Drawbacks of Income Calendars

As with any trade, it's not the idea that matters but the execution of that idea.

There are a few issues unique to calendars, including:

  • Term Structure Risk
  • Weighted Vega Risk
  • Implied Volatility Drop Risk

But by far the biggest risk can be seen in this picture below:

What this picture shows is that if you just put on a calendar spread and hope for the best at options expiration, the odds are not in your favor.

If you want to successfully trade income calendar spreads, you need:

  • A much more dynamic approach
  • An aggressive risk management strategy
  • A solid system to pick the best stocks and markets

It can be difficult to adjust to this new income trade, but if volatility stays this low, it has to be done.

Once you understand the risks and pick the right stocks, it becomes quite simple to profit from these trades.

Here are some recent income calendar trades:

Here's What You've Learned:

  1. Income trading is a great way to build aggressive and sustainable in today's market.
  2. Income trading requires "rich" premiums to sell in order to get the best reward for the risk you are taking.
  3. In bull markets the amount of premium available is lower, and if you chase returns your portfolio is at risk.
  4. Calendar spreads are a great way to pull returns out of the market while still reducing risk.
  5. While calendar trading is a profitable strategy, your approach cannot be "buy and hope for the best." You must have better risk management and entry strategies.

Now you can go out on your own and do the research, figure out what works best for income calendars, and pray you don't make too many mistakes as you build out your trading system.

But I've already done the work for this. I learned to tarde calendars because I needed to find returns for myself and my clients.

As I became more successful with calendar trades, I started receiving a ton of questions about how I do it.

So I turned my calendar trading into a set of systems and for the first time am making it publicly available.


The Income Calendar Intensive

A Framework to Build Wealth In Low Volatility Environments

Here's What You Will Get...

Module 1 - The Foundation

  • Learn How To Construct Calendar Spreads
  • Discover the Greeks and How to Make Money With Calendar Spreads
  • Find A Way to Choose the Best Environment for Calendar Trading

Module 2 - Selection and Screening

  • Find Out the Best Stocks to Trade Calendars With
  • Pick the Best Stock Candidates for Calendars Using Screening Technology
  • Learn about "Term Structure" And Why It Matters to Calendars
  • Identifying the Best Volatility in the Market Indexes

Module 3 - Trade Setups

  • Get Very Specific Instructions For Trade Entry
  • Learn How to Choose the Right Strikes and Expiration Months
  • Discover Super Simple Risk Management Strategies
  • Find Your Key Profit Targets

Module 4 - Executions

  • See When to Choose Calls Versus Puts
  • Apply Simple Hedging Techniques to Reduce Risk
  • Know When to "Milk" a Trade for a Big Win
  • Learn to Trade Like a Market Maker When Looking For Fills

See How the Math Makes Sense

If somebody showed you a trading system that would pick stocks that go up 10% to 20%, you would have an incredible amount of demand for that product.

With trading calendars, it's quite possible to make 10% to 20% on a single trade.

It wouldn't make sense to put your entire portfolio into a single trade as that is bad risk management. Options, by their nature, are leveraged instruments.

But say you dedicated 20% of your portfolio to income trading.

And on those income trades you made a conservative 15% on each trade.

That means the return on your entire portfolio would be 3%.

Assuming you got good at this and could do this month over month, that's a total portfolio return of 36% in a year, with only putting up 20% of your capital into any single trade.

That's not bad.

Now these numbers are hypothetical and there's no such thing as a "sure fire" bet in the markets.

But this course makes sure that you are in the right spots at the right times, so you can spot trades and setups that offer the best reward relative to the risk you're taking.

What would that be worth to you?


Make This Trading System Yours

You can become an Owner of the Income Calendar Intensive for an investment of $397.

At this price point, the cost of the course can easily be made back through a few successful trades.

Just one more thing about this offer...

Learning how to properly trade calendars does take time.

So with that in mind, the cost of the course will be split into two payments of $198.50.

That means you put the first payment down when you get started, and 30 days from now the second half of the investment will be billed.

With this investment you'll be getting access to trading expertise and knowledge that doesn't exist anywhere else. Few others have created successful trading systems with calendars, but this course puts a new spin on things by focusing on risk management and asset selection.

You won't be disappointed.

Who Should Not Take This Course

This course truly is amazing.

But it is not for everyone.

The Income Calendar Intensive is an intermediate level course.

If you are brand new to options trading and don't know what income trading is, then I don't want to waste your time and effort.

Start with a solid options education foundation, get some experience under your belt, and then come back to sign up.

Also, this isn't a black box system. This is a complete training about a very specific kind of trade, so if you aren't willing to put in the work and go through the course, then you won't get much out of it.

But if you are ready to step up your trading to the next level and to add another set of trading strategies to your playbook, then you are a perfect match for this course.

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You’ll receive:

  • Module 1 – The Foundation
  • Module 2 – Selection and Screening
  • Module 3 – Trade Setups
  • Module 4 – Executions
  • Direct Access to the Course Creator
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

For two payments of $198.50

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